Is Hongkang Hongli a lot of life insurance cost-effective? Is it worth buying?


The profit of this incremental life insurance is known for its revenue, and the speed is also fast, with a variety of advantages. In recent years, the increase in life insurance is increased as a financial product, which is stable than the annual insurance, and is the best choice for savings assets. Many friends have a lot of Qi Li, today we will talk about Hong Kong Hongli’s life insurance cost-effective? Is it worth buying?


First, Hongkang Hongli a lot of lifelong life insurance introduction

1, this product supports insurance under the age of 75, flexible payment, can be exchanged / 3/5/10/15/20, the use is diverse, the minimum insurance is 5,000 yuan. Its effective amount is incremented by 3.80% annual interest rate, supporting insurance / reduction, insurance payment is divided into 3 age group: 18-40 years old (160%), 41-60 years old (140%), 61 years old 120%.

2, the authorized 18 years old, the premium of cash value / paid; 18 years old or higher than the payment guarantee cash value / payment fee * Payment coefficient / effective amount (max). However, there is no effective amount before the payment period is not full, only cash value is available.

Second, Hongkang Hongli is a lot of life insurance cost-effective?

1. The reputation of this product has been good. As one of the new returnees of the first echelon, it is not only high in late income, not only the speed of return. Take an exemplary payment / 3/5 years, only 6 years later, the cash value of the policy can exceed the principal. Of course, if it is returned to the past, it will cause loss.

2. If the payment period is pulled into 10 years or even 20 years, the speed is in 8-11 years, in the same period of incremental life insurance is in the middle level. Regardless of the incremental life insurance, it has to spend a return to revenue. The main comparison is the effective capital of the later accumulation, and the benefit is the product that can harvest rich in the later period, the premise is that the middle is not refundable. .

Third, Hongkang Hongli a lot of life insurance is worth buying?

1. This insurance payment is flexible, and the year is covered, and there is no need to worry about economic pressure in the middle. Because this product supports the reduction and reduction, it effectively relieves the premium pressure. Whether it is a child’s education, the older pension, the nature of the profit can be satisfied, the longer the years, the higher the income.

2, but although its final income is very considerable, it is a wealth management product, and the guarantee is relatively weak. In addition to death / full disability. Therefore, if it is not because there is a long-term investment, but to be personal and healthy, life insurance cannot meet, medical insurance and critical illness insurance meet the needs.

The above is a related answer from Mid Kong Hongli’s lifelong life. Time is the best boost for life insurance. If you live, the longer it is, it is very cost-effective as a passage. If there are any other insurance related questions, we can add our Major’s WeChat to consult.

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