How to increase the lightning version? Is it worth buying?


Increased multi-light version as the name suggests, which is higher than the previous increase in more common earners. Up to 4.0% of the annual interest rate, people are amazed. The reputation of this product is quite good, there are many people, but the most intentional or their true benefits, that is the core value of the incremental life insurance. Today, let’s talk about how much lightning version is worth buying?


First, how to increase the lightning version

1, this product is within 65 years of insurance, premiums can be exchanged / 3/5/10/15 years, support for 趸 趸, year, monthly, the insurance threshold is 1000 years, support monthly diplow 100 / month From now on, this setting is very suitable for ordinary families. Its effective amount is incremented by 4% of the annual interest rate, but the effective amount is often full of payment.

2, don’t worry about the later premium pressure, it supports the reduction / reduction of the payment / policy loan (80% of the most loan cash value). At the same time, it supports the insurance, and the young cost is investment, and the subsequent economy has admitted to the addition of higher benefits. Its claims is the death / full residue, and only the cash value or premium before the age of 18 is 18 years old, pay the cash value / effective balance / premium * coefficient.

Second, add a lot of lightning version of the gain value

1. The incremental income refers to the accumulation amount, with the higher age, the more accumulated balances. The coefficients of the 18-year-40-year-old effective balance is 160%, and the 41-year-old is 140%. The coefficient of 61 years old is 120%. The actual benefits of effective balances have been increasing year by year. The shorter payment period, the faster the return.

2. Take 5 years of payment period, generally only need to return to this time, but considering the premium pressure, most people choose longer payment period, returning to this speed to 10-12 years. Before this, there is an economic loss, but the essence of the incremental income is, the higher the payment, if you have any early, the benefits are naturally discounted.

Third, add a lot of lightning version worth buying?

1. If you choose to pass, increase the most high-profile revenue of 3.48%, which is a very considerable number. For a small insurance policy in his hand, it will be a long-term investment, and there is no need for a long-term investment. So no matter whether it is a pension or the inheritance.

2. Ordinary families can be put in a small amount, and this product has an annuity translation right, and the benefits are greater. The biggest shortages and advantages of this incremental life insurance are long-term revenue. If there is no patience, it will be prone to the cause of the loss.

The above is how to add a lot of lightning version, overall, this product interest rate is good, you can try to insure. If there are any other insurance related questions, we can add our Major’s WeChat to consult.

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