What is good and increased? Which is better? Which earnings are higher?


There are many high-quality products in life insurance, whether ordered a reputation or cost-effective capital. Among them, there are many and increased number 2, often compared, from the revenue to return to the competitive product of different underwriting companies. Which is more winning from the terms of terms, today we will talk about a lot of spending and increased, which is better? Which earnings are higher?


First, the profit and increased number 2

1, Leido’s insurance age is under 75 years old, payment period, 3/5/10/15/20 years, support for annualization, minimum investment is hungry 5,000, effective capital with 3.8% interest rate increase . It supports the insurance / reduction / reduction of saving / policy loans, these are routine data, the main advantage is the yield.

2, increased number 2 insurance ages under 70 years old, the payment period and the same benefits, and many monthly sex selection and induction function. After 5,000, you will pay 1000 years, and 100 months is 100. Its effective amount of annual interest rate is 3.60%. The two claims have the same amount, all of which are 18-40 years old (160%), 41-60 years old (140%), 61 years old (120%).

Second, a lot of benefits and increased number 2?

1. The cost performance of the incremental life insurance is analyzed from the return speed, the actual interest rate. Overall, choose to pay or 3/5 years payment, and a lot of returns will increase. If you choose a long payment period, the two speeds are similar.

2, the middle and post-benefit of the middle and later revenues are bright, the highest actual interest rate is 3.48%, which is higher than the increase of 2. The return of the return of the cash value is not discussed, and the same is the lifelong life insurance of the first echelon, and the overall income is not large. But adding a lot of support for monthly, and supports ordinary household balance.

Third, a lot of benefits and increased number 2% higher

1, the benefit of 3.80% of the annual interest rate ratio increased by 3.6%, the actual interest rate is to see that you choose 5 years or 10 years, or The disadvantage of the number 2 is that the cash value is low during the payment period, and if the money is urgently needed, the turnover is lower.

2. From the cash value of each year, the performance of the previous 10 years has been better than the increase in the number 2, and the income after 25 years of revenue is almost flat. In the event of the same life, increase the cumulative income of the number 2 higher. If there is no need for a pre-registration requirement, it is recommended to choose a lot of benefits.

The above is a lot of benefits and increased number 2 comparison. The two are life insurance, which is the individual needs of the insured. If there are any other insurance related questions, we can add our Major’s WeChat to consult.

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