How is the incremental life life? How is the income?


Recently, Hongkang Life Insurance has given a lot of lifelong life, which has attracted a lot of insurance consumers who want to insure financial insurance. But there are also some friends in the background private letter me: “What is much more than life life? How is the income?” It can also understand that after all, it is necessary to insure life insurance. Then let’s take a look at the extension of the lost life.


First, how is the quota for life?

The incrementinary life is a lifelong life insurance that is low, payment method, high payment method.

Basic protection includes death and full disability. If the insured encounters an accident after 18 years of age, it has caused death or full disability, and the insurance company will pay the cash value and the effective amount * corresponding to the proportion value.

Insurance rules: The incremental lifelong life insurance is low, as long as it is born for 30 days to 75 years old people can be insured. There is no limit to occupations, and the 1-6 classes can be insured.

In addition, the insured can also choose a payment method, which can be ignored or paid in three years and 5 years.

Second, the quota life is more advantages

The amount of extraordinary life is as follows:

1, can be flexible to reduce the reduction: the incremental life of life is very simple, as long as the policyholder’s policy does not have a reduction in payment, exit and other conditions. That is to say, there is no abnormality in the payment period, and it can be added at any time, and the amount is 500 yuan.

The reduction setting is very friendly for insurance consumers. After all, there is still no emergency. The reduction of insurance will allow the insured to remove the money in the account, and should respond to these bursts.

2, the policy loan is convenient, the amount is high: the policy of policyholders who want to start a business or the company’s fund chain chain will solve many problems. In addition, there are more than 80% of the amount of money in the value of the lifelong life, or it is also relatively high.

Third, the increment is a lot of benefits

The incrementinary life is high, and we will see the following case demonstrations.

Mr. Jane is 30 years old this year. He chooses to insure the incrementance of life, and the payment method is a one-time payment of 100,000 yuan. So when he was 50 years old, the amount of insurance was 197,000 yuan, turned 1.9 times. If Mr. Jane is 80 years old, then his account is 550,000 yuan. It can be seen that the benefits of this life insurance are still quite high.

Because, the incremental lifetime contractual rate of rated increasing interest rates is 3.8%, which is our actual rate of return. This amount of insurance and cash value will grow with the premium of the insured payment. A simple understanding is that the longer the payment of the premium, the more visa it will be.

The above questions about the extension of life life, there are so many questions, and any insurance issues can consult our horses!

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