What are the extensive life insurance clauses of Hongkang people, and the value is not worth buying


Hongkang Shouli’s extension lifelong life insurance has killed the resilience in the surprising latuation life insurance that is struggling. But everyone may not be very familiar with it, worry about stepping on. There are also many fans in the background private letter: “What are the extensive life insurance clauses of Hongkang people, the value is not worth buying?”


First, Hongkang people have a lot of incremental life insurance terms.

Hongkang people Shouli’s extensive lifelong life insurance insurance terms have the following:

1. Policy loans. If the insured has special circumstances, it is necessary to apply for a guarantee loan, and Hongkang Hongli has a lot of lifetime insurance is 80% of the loan cash value. That is, if there is 200,000 in the account, you can loaned 160,000.

2, reduce money and pay money. If the policyholders are not in the hands, they need to use money, so they can use money urgently, then they can apply to the insurance company to reduce insurance. A portion of the money can be taken out to solve the urgent need of the eyebrows.

3, the addition of the increment. As long as the policyholder’s policy is not issued to apply for a reduction in the guarantee period, it is possible to apply to the insurance company to apply to the insurance company, add 500 yuan.

Second, Hongkang people have a lot of excessive life insurance

Hongkang people’s life insurance advantages are as follows:

1. Payment method is available for the choice of insured. You can choose to pay within 3 years, you can also choose to pay for 20 years. If the economic situation allows, there are many idle funds, and you can also choose one-time payment.

2. Basic guarantee is comprehensive. Mainly the death / full disability: If the insurer has caused the insurance accident before the age of 17, the insurance company will pay according to the amount of cash value and the payment of the payment.

3, Hongkang people’s Shou Li’s incremental rate of life insurance is about 3.8%, and the accumulation is very considerable.

The only disadvantage is that the insurance accident is lacking on the price guarantee before being insured until the age of 18.

Third, Hongkang people Life Insurance, how to buy life insurance

Hongkang Hongli a lot of life insurance purchases is divided into the following:

1, offline outlets purchase. The insured only needs to carry a good personal information, go to Hongkang Life Insurance Company Line Business Hall, the insured will have a staff member and help to apply for insurance.

2, online purchase. The insured logs in to the official website of Hongkang Life Insurance Company Insurance Company, click on the online insured. Fill in the information payment as required, if there is any problem, you can also contact the insurance company customer service.

3, go to the Major website to buy. The site is not only legal, but also has the qualifications licensed in the insurance company, and there is no abnormality from the official website. Insurance consumers can rest assured that it is bold to insure.

The above questions about Hong Kang people have more than a lot of life insurance terms, there are so many questions, there are any insured issues, please consult our horsbot!

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