How about the 2nd lot of Thai? Is there any advantages and disadvantages?


I have to say that this incremental life insurance is not new, and it is more than a colorful, and there are many profits. Although the name is single. However, there is different inner miles, and the underwriting company is also inconsistent. Then come to us mainly, how about the 2nd lot of Thai? Is there any advantages and disadvantages? Give a point to friends who want to insure the insurance.


First, how is the 2nd lot of Thai

And Thai Zengdu 2nd lot life insurance is not only high, and the function is also very comprehensive. Details are as follows:

1. Can use a policy loan: Once the insured needs money, or there is an economic crisis. Then apply to the insurance company to apply for a policy loan. The highest can be discharged from 80% of the value of cash, that is, if there is 200,000 in the account, it can be lended 160,000.

2, insure loose, friendly for most people. Regarding the age of insurance, the demand for increased life insurance in the number 2, which is a population that was born from 30 to 70 years of age. Occupational restrictions are also relaxed, and 1-6 occupations can be insured.

3, the income is considerable. The rated incremental rate of incremental amount of life insurance is 3.6%, the longer the insurance payment period. Baoli will grow higher and higher, and the insured is also very considerable.

Second, what is the advantages and disadvantages of 2nd lot of Thai

The advantages and disadvantages of the 2nd lot of Thai is as follows:

1, high income. Return. Since the rated increasing rate of life insurance is 3.8%, it has reached a certain period of time, not only the amount is getting higher and higher, and the value of cash will also grow. In the case of an intensive interest rate, it can be returned to five years.

2, flexible plus reduction:

Insurance rules: The insured can decide to increase the increasing amount of insurance, and the insurance company is not limited to the number of times.

Removers Rules: If there is a change in the insurance, there is difficult to economic difficult. You can apply to the insurance company to reduce the insurance, you can take some money from the account.

3, the payment method can be used according to the actual situation of the insured, and the insured can choose to pay the premium according to the year, and it is 3 years and 5 years, etc., and can pay disposable for one-time payment.

The disadvantage is that the insured does not have its own guarantee before the age of 18.

Third, where to buy a lot of Thai

And Thai Zeng’s insurance has the following insurance methods:

1. The insured person is insured online, and goes to the official website of Hongkang Life Insurance Company Insurance Company to buy online insured entrance. If you fill in the information payment, you can insure it. If you have any questions, you can contact the insurance company customer service.

Insured on a regular reliable third-party network sales channel. Everyone must choose a qualified third party website when they insured online, which is a legal formal third party website. It is recommended that you go to the third party website hive for the formal authorization of Thai Life Insurance, and do not have to worry about the issue of follow-up.

If you have suggestions with insurance needs to insure it as soon as possible, avoid the embarrassing situation that cannot be purchased after the next shelf.

The above questions about how the Queen 2nd lot of Thai, there are so many questions, and any insured issues can consult our horses.

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