What a lot of incremental life insurance is worth buying? Increasing more incremental life insurance evaluation


Increased surprising life insurance is the most popular life insurance products in the near future. There are also many fans who want to insure the life insurance, hoping that small preparations have an increase in lifelong life insurance. Therefore, Xiaobian organizes the following information for your reference. Let’s take a look at how to increase the extension of life insurance is worth buying? Increasing more incremental lifelong life assessment.


I. Add a lot of incremental life insurance lifelong life insurance evaluation as follows:

First see the advantages:

Increased extensive lifelong life insurance insured thresholds. The insurance population can be insured normally after 30 days of birth. This will be increased in the investment, and the coverage is also relatively wide.

2, the bill is high. After purchasing insurance, a hidden feature that many people don’t know is that they can use a policy loan. In fact, the role of policy loans is still very large, especially when the insured encounters the economic crisis. Then, the proportion of loans that increase more than a lifetime insurance is relatively high, and can be about 80% of the loan insurance.

Second, add more incremental life insurance worth buying?

Increasing the increase in life insurance is worth buying, the insurance is not only higher than the income, but also flexibly increases.

Increased number of incremental life insurance IRR incremental interest rates is 3.8%, and as long as the payment period is longer, the cash value and the amount of capital will also increase the boat.

Look at the basic guarantees, add more quota life insurance, including death and full-disabled, with the lives of the insured, pay the cash value, the maximum payment fee.

In addition, it is also possible to choose to increase or reduce insurance at any time according to the insured itself. If the insured encounters a difficult situation, urgently need to use money, then apply to the insurance company to apply for a reduction in insurance, and take advantage of most of the funds. Good economic situation, you can increase the amount of insurance, there is no limit.

Third, add more incremental life insurance to buy

Increase more quota for lifelong life insurance purchase channels as follows:

1. Insurance company counter insured. The insured is ready to include personal valid documents, bank cards, etc. Go to the insurance company offline business hall, and there will be special staff reception and help proceed with subsequent insurance processes.

The insured can also go to the Major website to insure the website, the site is a legal formal third-party channel, which is the same as the official website insured.

3, and the Thai Shou official website is purchased. The insured searches and logs in and the official website of Thai Life, click on the entrance to the online insured in the service hall of the homepage, fill in its own insured information, and the payment can be insured. If the insured encounters problems during the insurance process, it is possible to take the customer service phone call for Thai Life Insurance Company.

The above questions about increasing the incremental lifelong birthday assessment will introduce so much, and any insurance issues can consult our horses!

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