How about Jin Manyi? Where do you buy?


Jin Manyi is full of lifelong life insurance launched by Hongkang Life, everyone may be more familiar with other life insurance products of Hongkang Life, but do not understand this IRR rate up to 3.49% of Jin Mansion’s lifelong life insurance. In order to facilitate everyone’s right and fast insurance, today Xiaobian will talk about how to enjoy the feet, how? Where to buy?


First, how is Jin Manyi?

Jin Manyi is a lifelong life insurance that is low in insurance. First of all, Jin Manyi’s feet enjoys the requirements for the age of insured, and it has been covered to the 70-year-old man. There is a lot of money, and the insurance coverage is also relatively broad. The occupational restrictions on the insured are not high, as long as they can be in 1-6 classes.

In addition, the main guarantee of Jin Manyi is full of feet including death protection and full protection. This claim is based on the life of the insured. If the insured is unexpected before the age of 18 or is full. Then the insurance company will return the bigger part of the transfer premium and cash value. If there is an accident after 18 years of age, it is necessary to calculate according to the payment coefficient.

Second, Jin Manyi is worth buying?

Jin Manyi is worth buying, the specific reasons are as follows:

Guaranteed to choose life, the interest rate is also high. The guarantee of Jin Manyi and the lifelong life insurance can not only choose to guarantee lifetime, but also the effective amount is based on 3.8% of the annual compound, compared to other similar types of products is more cost-effective.

Revenue is considerable. The biggest selling point of Jin Manyi is very high in the actual yield. Jin Manyi is full of 3.49%, in general, as long as it pays for 8 years.

3, special value value. The lifetime risk has a value-added service, and the domestic leading cytometry service can be enjoyed after reaching the predetermined premium. Will let your cells are frozen, making it a sleep state, and then take it out if necessary.

Third, Jin Manyi Foot Enjoy the Edition to buy

Jin Manyi is full of enjoyment of several buying channels, and the insured can choose reasonably according to its own situation.

Official website purchase. If the insured is familiar with the process of satisfied with the online insured process, then you can log in to the Hongkang Life Insurance official website and find the entrance to the online insured. Fill in the insured information yourself, pay the payment is deemed to be insured.

2. Buy on the third party website. If the insured wants more understanding of the gold satisfaction, enjoy the lifelong life is not suitable for you, then you can find a professional insurance planner to consult. Subsequent insurance processes are also very simple, the channel insured is not different from the official website.

Carry your own personal valid documents to Dingcheng Insurance recent service outlets, choose the insured business, there will be staff to help follow-up to insurance processes.

The above question about Jin Manyi, the problem of enjoying the version, there is any insured problem, please consult our horsbird!

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