What is the increase in life insurance? Is it worth buying?


Speaking of adding a lot of series of extraordinary life insurance, it is true that there is no one knows, no one knows. A lot of insurance consumers can’t help but ask: “What is the increase in the life insurance in the number 2, what are the people?” So today, we will find out how this quota life insurance is, and there is Which advantages and disadvantages, the value is not worth insurance.


I. How to add a lot of extra life insurance?

The evaluation increases how many incremental life insurance, we mainly look at its guarantee content.

First look at the addition and subtraction rules. The insured is mainly compliant with the insurance conditions to increase the increasing amount at any time, no number of restrictions.

Reduce: If the insured is urgent to use money, economic difficulties. You can apply to the insurance company to reduce the insurance, you can take some money from the account.

Look at the age of insurance, increased the requirements of the number 2 quotable life insurance is that people who are born at 30 to 70 years of age can be insured. Occupational restrictions are also relaxed, and 1-6 occupations can be insured.

Finally, it is basically guaranteed: If the policy is not 18 years old, the corresponding ratio of payment is 160%, and the 41-60 years old is 140%, 120% is 61 years old. That is to say, the insurance company will pay the value of cash or the payment fee * The corresponding proportion of effective balances and other things are large.

Second, increase the number 2 quota life insurance is worth buying?

Increased number 2 quota life insurance is very worth buying, the following is a specific reason:

1, increase the rated increasing rate of 2,000 lifelong life insurance is 3.8%, the longer the insurance payment time, not only the amount of insurance will be increasing, the cash value and the income will also grow.

2. Once the insured needs money, or there is an economic crisis. Then apply to the insurance company to apply for a policy loan. The maximum can be discharged from 80% of the value of cash, that is, if there is 100,000 in the account, it can be lended for 80,000.

3, the payment method is diverse. With 15 years, multiple payment years such as 20 years can be selected. If you choose to pass, the amount of the starting amount is 5,000 yuan, the year is 1,000 yuan, and only 200 yuan per month.

Third, add a number of number 2 quota life insurance to buy

Increased number 2 lifelong life insurance can be bought at the official website of Thai Life Insurance, or you can also go to other websites.

1. Insured Login and Thai Life Insurance official website, enter the online insured entrance to find products you need to be insured. Fill in the insured information online and pay the payment. For insured precautions and processes, you can call the customer service calls of Thai Life Insurance.

2, you can also buy it on the Major website. The site is authorized by the insurance company, not only legal formulation, but also is not different from the products purchased by the insurance company, and you can enjoy normal protection.

The above questions about increasing life insurance, there are so many problems, and any insurance issues can consult our horses!

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