How is more? Is it worth buying?


Increased number of series of incremental life insurance has always been the ceiling in the lathe insurance, whether it is in the industry or insurance consumers all praise. But there are also many friends who don’t know how to increase latten life insurance, they will have some questions about it. So today, we will introduce “how much? Is it worth buying?”


First, add more insurance for which company is

Increased insurance is with Thai life insurance companies. Next, we will focus on the and Thai life insurance company to see if it is reliable.

First look at the core solvency. Solvency is to measure the core indicators of a company, and can see the economic strength of the insurance company. The standard of payment capabilities established by the banquet supervision is very strict. But two indicators of the payment capabilities of Thai Life Insurance have reached 200%, and the risk rating is also a level A, still more reliable.

Look at the time limit of claims. The claimth of claims reflects the efficiency of an insurance company, and also reflects the service attitude of an insurance company. Then the average claim of Thai Life Co., Ltd. Is about 0.6 days, which means that we can receive insurance companies in the shortest aging.

Second, how much increase

Increased insurance benefits is a high-end life insurance product with high income and strong flexibility.

1, high income. If the insured chooses to be 30 years old, it is divided into 10,000 yuan, and it will pay 100,000 every year to ensure lifelong. So waiting until the insurance is 60 years old, and the IRR of Thai Zeng is 3.46%, the cash value is about 240,000 yuan, and it is 2.4 times that of the paid premium.

2, flexibility can be subjected to additional subtitude. Before the insuranceman is 70 years old, the policyholder’s policy does not have a reduction in the payment, etc., it is possible to apply to the insurance company to apply for insurance, unlimited number of times, and add subcovery at any time.

The policyholders are tight, and if the funds are lacking, they can apply to the insurance company to apply for a reduction in insurance. It can take some part to deal with the current dilemma.

Third, increase more worth buying?

Increased insurance is worth buying, with the following reasons:

1. There is fewer investment age limit, and the highest insurance age is 70 years old. The insured threshold is low, and the minimum payment will be insured. Strong capital liquidity, support add-oriented, and has a function of policy loans.

Basic guarantee is in place. And Thai birthday is more reasonable to set up a lot of damages. If the insured has occurred before the age of 18, then the insurance company will pay the cash price or the payment fee is relatively high.

If the insured wants to make a lot of guarantees in his later years, or if you have prepared for your child to study abroad, it is recommended to increase your insurance.

The above questions will be introduced so much, and there are any insurance problems, please consult our hive!

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