How is the Qiqin Life Insurance for a long time?


In recent years, life insurance has been quite hot in recent years. If the long-lasting quota for life insurance is the leader of the same type, although the name is life insurance, it is essentially financial management, and it is more stable than the revenue. In the case of only protecting the death and full damage, there are still countless people insured. Today, how about the life insurance of Hengqin’s life insurance? Is the income?


First, the Hengqin Life Insurance is long-lasting life insurance reliable

1. This product is underwritten by Hengqin Life Insurance Company. After reviewing the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, it is a safe and reliable Internet insurance. Support for 30 days -70 years old, occupation is 1-6 classes, in addition to spouse / children / parents, also supports separation of insurance, flexible payment period, up to 20 years payment, 趸 趸 起 保 保 保 5,000 yuan.

2, death / full-fire insurance: less than 18 years old payment cash value / payment fee; over 18 years old is still paying in the payment period, payment of cash value / accumulated premium * coefficient; 18 years old and payment expire, payment of cash value / Active Baoli / Completion Fee * Coefficient. Coefficient: 18-40 years old 1.6; 41-60 is 1.4;> 61 years old 1.2.

Second, how long the incremental life insurance for the Hengqin Life

1. This product supports the guarantee loan / reduction in the payment / insurance / reduction, and the insured selection will reduce the premium pressure. It is increasing at 4% of the annual interest rate. This value can be described as top interest rates, but the actual benefits are definitely affected by the payment period, the insurance premium and the accumulated premium factor. However, it can be determined that the income of the middle and late revenue is very considerable.

2, which includes annuity conversion rights, can also be insured, the use is very extensive, whether it is a child’s education, it is a pension, and it is very convenient to adopt the decree in the elderly. If you don’t cake it directly as a passage, you can leave a rich legacy, with a high savings value.


1. The effective balance is incremented by 4% year-on-year, but the real yield should look at IRR (real yield), and Li Jiusi is developing a product, the post-revenue has been unlimited approaching 3.5%. Of course, the income is based on the establishment of a cash value return. Its price performance is how to see the speed and interest rate of the cash value.

2. If you choose 10 years of payment period, the cash value of the policy can exceed the principal at the end of the 9th, this speed is fast. Although the previous pre-performance is general, the value of the middle and late cash is high, as long as there is no need for demand before returning, it is almost stable.

The above is the related evaluation of the Hengqin Life Insurance, this first echelon life insurance, in addition to the long-term growth period, there is no shortcoming. If there are any other insurance related questions, we can add our Major’s WeChat to consult.

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