How to increase the amount of extra life insurance? How much increase in life insurance can pump each year?


There are idle funds on the hands, or want to make an old age for their future, insurance consumers who have accumulated education for their children will insure the extension life insurance. Recently, more incremental lifelong life insurance can be described as aroused thousands of waves in the life insurance market. Because the insurance income is very high, it has attracted many people insured. So, can add more quota life insurance to pump each year?


First, add more quota for lifelong life insurance, can you pump each year?

Increase more quota lifelong life insurance can be smashed. If the insurance is in good economic situation, you can choose to pass more.趸 趸 趸 趸 心 心 心 心 更 更 更 更 更 更 更 更 本 本 更 本 更 趸 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本 本

If you choose for 3 years, 5 years, 15 years and other payment periods, then consider the problem of insurance, the income will also be reduced, and the speed will slow down. But selecting installment payments can be selected as much as possible for 20 years, not only guarantees lifelong, but also reduces the premium.

It is recommended that insurance consumers decide which payment method is best suited to you according to their own actual situation, do not blindly.

Second, how to increase more quota life insurance

Increased surprises for lifelong life insurance is an incremental life insurance product that is expensive and high degree of freedom.

1, the income is considerable. Increasing the amount of IRR interest rate of a lot of lifetime insurance is 3.8%, which is the same day in the market.

2. For basic guarantees, add more lifetime insurance, including death and full-contrast, subject to the lives of the insured, pay the value of cash, and the maximum payment.

3, high degree of freedom, free addition and subtraction. If the policyholder is in the validity period of the policy, it can be added normally, there is no restriction. If the insured person is tight, it can also propose a reduction in insurance company to take a part of the funds.

Third, add more incremental life insurance to buy

Increased surprising lifetime insurance can go to the insurance company’s business office to purchase, or choose to be insured.

1. Insurance company counter insured. The insured is ready to include personal valid documents, bank cards, etc. Go to the insurance company offline business hall, and there will be special staff reception and help proceed with subsequent insurance processes.

2, online insurance is to go to the official website of Thai Life Insurance Company. The insured person calls the customer service calls of Thai Life Insurance to consult, and then go to the official website of Thai Life Insurance Company to find yourself to increase more incremental life insurance, fill in the insurance information online, and complete the payment.

In addition, the insured can also go to the Major website to insure the website, the site is a legal formal third-party channel, which is not different from the official website.

About the increase in the incremental life life can introduce so much, there are any insurance issues, please consult our hub!

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